Benmore Blog P7 – 2022

Goodbye Benmore!

Memories For Life

How about a game of table tennis or pool? We‘ve been enjoying free time and evening activities too, like the scavenger hunt, Cluedo mystery and movie night.

Thursday and the final day of activities. Even the sun came out 🙂

The competition is ON! Who will receive the top scores in the room inspections? Bonus points have been awarded for making rooms extra special…

Photos below – back out exploring and challenging ourselves on Wednesday…

Every evening we get together with our classes for diary time to record our Benmore highlights and memories….


Tuesday has been packed full. Orienteering, high ropes, low ropes, biking, caving, gorge walking and more…all the more fun in the rain and mud!

Tuesday – dorm inspections complete. Top marks for this bed. Do you recognise it?

Heading from Gourock to Dunoon by ferry … who knew that our coach could also ride the waves?!

Team Towerbank

How about this!

On our way to the slopes. Beautiful day.

Night line in the woods and games this afternoon

Weather changed and we had to leave early

Heavy snow showers but everyone is skiing or boarding with smiles

Watch us live on the Lecht website webcams!

We are all out skiing and boarding at the Lecht in a bit of a blizzard!

Good morning from a very snowy Lagganlia

Very heavy snow tonight. Tonight’s activity replaced by playing in the snow.

Group 2 arrived safely and are about to eat dinner

4.55 the bus has left. ETA 7.45- 8.00 At Tumbles

Brilliant 2 days for group 1. We are on our way back to Lagganlia now

Beautiful morning!

Good morning from Lagganlia

Boarding involves lots of sitting on the snow!

Great afternoon. Everyone has had a blast.

Fantastic morning so far with skiing and boarding in the sun

Off to the slopes
Night line following in the forest.
We have all arrived safely.

Group 1 have just left!

Boot and ski fitting