Lagganlia and Benmore Blogs

There are 3 residentials this year at Towerbank.


Group 2 arrived safe and well and are getting reacquainted with or exploring Lagganlia again.

Group 1 have just left Lagganlia at 4.35pm. We estimate being back around 7pm

Today we managed some skiing and boarding in challenging conditions as the last snow left the hill.

An amazing day for everyone from Towerbank. There is pretty limited snow but everyone has managed to either board or ski all day. Many thanks to the Lecht for saving us some snow and to the brilliant instructors from Lagganlia.

We are all at the Lecht!

Tuesday morning

Pretty good night for everyone. Breakfast and we are getting ready for going to the Lecht

We arrived safely at 1pm and have been getting kitted out ready for tomorrow.