Lagganlia and Benmore Blogs

It’s disco time!

Another wonderful morning filled with fun activities!

Another fantastic afternoon today!

Here our some of our Wednesday morning activities.

Here’s a few more from today!

Even though it’s been a bit rainy today, it hasn’t stopped us from enjoying our activities!

Here’s a selection of photos from our morning so far…

All wrapped up and ready for our night time activity!

We’ve only been here for 2 hours but I think we are going to like it!

We’re delighted to be here. The sun is shining. We are off to explore the grounds.

P7 Benmore April/May 2019

2pm Monday – The group have arrived safely at Benmore and no one was sick on the buses!




P6 Lagganlia Week March 2019

Monday 11th

After a safe arrival and a tour of the lodges Towerbank P6’s took part in a scavenger hunt. It was pitch black and our torches came in very handy.

Tuesday 12th

Waking up to wind and snow didn’t stop P6 from jumping into the activities head first, here are a brief look at some of the activities our groups took part in today!

After a busy day of activities, we finished off the with a Beetle drive. Time for bed soon!

Wednesday 13th

Today brought some unexpected sunshine to Lagganlia and after a good nights sleep, P6 were ready for a day of exciting activities!

Miss Hawkins

“Shout our to group one who showed amazing support and encouragement during their gorge walk today!”

All groups are currently completing their journals or having dinner. Looking forward to tonight’s evening activity!

Thursday 14th

The last day surprised us again with more sunshine and scattered showers! P6 were all super excited about their last day of activities!

After completing the final activities today each group were given the chance to reflect on their week. Not only highlighting their own successes and proud moments but of other members of their team.

Tonight we will celebrate our last night in style with everyone together around a huge bonfire!

Songs by the Campfire to end our Lagganlia adventure in style!

Lagganlia/Lecht Snowsports Week Feb 2019


Thursday update

There isn’t enough snow left to justify going to the Lecht today so half the group are going to snowboard on the slope at Lagganlia and the other half are off on an expedition all day by mountain bike.

Group 2 arrived safe and well and are getting reacquainted with or exploring Lagganlia again.

Group 1 have just left Lagganlia at 4.35pm. We estimate being back around 7pm

Today we managed some skiing and boarding in challenging conditions as the last snow left the hill.

An amazing day for everyone from Towerbank. There is pretty limited snow but everyone has managed to either board or ski all day. Many thanks to the Lecht for saving us some snow and to the brilliant instructors from Lagganlia.

We are all at the Lecht!

Tuesday morning

Pretty good night for everyone. Breakfast and we are getting ready for going to the Lecht

We arrived safely at 1pm and have been getting kitted out ready for tomorrow.