School Streets and Towerbank

School Streets

The City of Edinburgh Council took the decision in 2015 to limit traffic in the streets directly outside the school at key times, meaning that parents will not be able to park right at the gates to drop their children off.


The aim was to create a safer, more pleasant environment.  The scheme promotes active travel to school by walking and cycling, in turn reducing congestion and pollution in the area.


The police are able to enforce this restriction with fines.



What does School Streets mean for parents?

The street immediately outside the school is closed to traffic at specific times at the beginning and end of the school day.


For those who still need to drive to school then we ask that they park a short distance away from the school and walk the last five or ten minutes of the journey.

The streets around the school will not be completely traffic free however.  Residents will have permits to drive when the flashing signs are on and there are certain others who have exemption – blue badge users, taxis collecting children and the emergency services for example.


There are a few parents who have blue badges and an exemption because the car is the only way they can get their child to school.  Some of them have experienced a bit of hostility while driving.  Please bear in mind that some people have every right to be there, and allow them to drive to school.



Refuse lorries are not allowed to enter the restricted streets during the hours of operation.  The recent violations of this have been reported to the Council.  This should not happen again.



Hours of operation Streets affected
8:20am – 9:10am3pm – 3:40pm



8:20am – 9:10am

12:10pm – 12:35pm

Aitchison’s Place
Bath Place
Beach Lane
Figgate Bank
Figgate Street
Shrub Mount
Whins Place
Wilson’s Park