P2 Literacy Support Materials

Online Reading Book Ideas for P1 & P2

Ms Fletcher has kindly complied a list of online reading sites that are suitable for P1 & P2. Please find the list below.

P2 Tricky Words & Sounds Cards

P2 Block 2 Sound PowerPoint

This PowerPoint goes through all the diagraphs (two letters to make one sound) from Block 2 Literacy.

Pupils can practice saying each sound, as well as doing the accompanying action as well.

Most of the sounds have a Jolly Phonics song, which we use in school to help the children remember the sounds. Click the triangle play button if you wish sound.

Edinburgh Sound Chart

This can be helpful for parents to understand the sounds, and how they are grouped together.

Weekly Word Building PowerPoint

This PowerPoint can be used to support word building with the focused sounds of the week.

The first slide shows the picture and how many sounds within the word. The diagraphs (two letters making one sound) will be shown by a longer line so the child has a visual of what the word looks like

Each slide adds each sound to build up the word.

New PowerPoints will be added each week.

Additional Literacy Resources & Games