TB Tech Team

The Towerbank Tech Team was established earlier this year and is a team lead by pupils for pupils. Our main aim is to encourage the use of technology across the school to enhance learning.

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Our Masterclass Trip

Our masterclass was held at Wester Hailes Education Centre, we travelled there by mini bus. When we got there, Louise (the lady who interviewed us) met us at reception. She took us up to her room which was filled with lots of cool technology including spheros, beebots, digital x-ray tee shirts, games and a green screen.
The x-ray tee shirt allowed you to look inside the body, someone had to wear the tee shirt and the other person could scan it using the app on the iPad. Spheros were little robot balls that you could link to an iPad and then control which direction they went. 
We also went to the computer lab and logged into our office 365 accounts, we used an app called teams and created our own team: TOWE-Tech Team. This is a place where we can share all our ideas and views with Mr Crooks and other members.
We were also given some spheros to take back to school, our next project is the plan some lessons for using them from P1-7. We had so much fun on Monday, we all hope we get to do it again soon!

Here are some more pictures of us exploring some new tech:

Louise was on the panel at our interviews for the Tech Team and we met her again here to learn all about new technology. šŸ˜Š

Recently all Primary 6 and 7 children were given there usernames and passwords in order to have access to Office 365 tools.

Primary 7 have started using these tools by posting this terms Home learning grid here, helping to cut down on the use of paper and ensure that the grid is easily accessible for pupils.

On Friday 24th January P7 held a digital clinic which allowed pupils to bring their personal devices into school in order to get the Office 365 tools set up correctly. This was hugely successful and Primary 7 classes are now using Microsoft Teams as a form of online classroom. A place to share, collaborate and contribute to learning experiences.