Back to school FAQs


August 2020 information

Start Times and Entry Doors_Aug 2020



Towerbank start and finish times. Monday to Thursday

Year Start Break (20 mins) Lunch (15 mins in class) Lunch (30 mins outdoors) End Notes
P1 09.05 10.25 12.00 12.15-12.45

P1 will be given an afternoon break

15.15 P1R – Enter/exit at P1 playground entrance

P1J – Enter/exit at P1 extension door

P1D – Enter/ exit at main door

P2 09.05 10.25 12.00 12.15-12.45

P2 will be given an afternoon break

15.15 P2DE & P2Y – Enter/exit at TU

P2F- Enter/exit at gym entrance

P3 08.50 10.00 12.30 12.45-13.15 15.20 Enter/exit at gym entrance – use rear stair

P3/4 use Main Door

P4 08.50 10.00 12.30 12.45-13.15 15.20 Enter/exit at main door – use main stair
P5 08.40 10.25 12.00 12.15-12.45 15.10 Enter/exit at gym entrance – use rear stair
P6 08.40 10.50 13.00 13.15-13.45 15.10 Enter/exit at main door – use main stair
P7 08.40 10.50 13.00 13.15-13.45 15.10 Enter/exit at extension door – use extension stair



Year Start Break (20 mins) End
P1 09.05 10.25 12.25
P2 09.05 10.25 12.25
P3 08.50 10.00 12.20
P4 08.50 10.00 12.20
P5 08.40 10.25 12.10
P6 08.40 10.50 12.10
P7 08.40 10.50 12.10



Physical distancing – Physical distancing between adults and between adults and children from different families must be observed. This means normal access into the school for parents and carers will be severely restricted to maintain the safety of everyone.  We will operate an in and out gate to the school playground.


IN via the gate on Beach Lane


OUT via the gate on Wilson’s Park


Please do not let your children arrive early for school.  Children should arrive as close to their start time as possible.


Children will not line up in the playground but should go straight to their class using the designated door.


On Wednesday and Thursday teachers will be in the playground to meet the children at the start time.




Hygiene arrangements – We will continue to encourage regular handwashing when children are in school and hand sanitisers will be widely available throughout the building.  Enhanced cleaning will take place daily.


Uniform – It is recommended that your child wears clothing that can be washed frequently and blazers or any items which require dry cleaning should not be worn to school.


Lunch Arrangements

School lunches will be a packed lunch.  These can be ordered in the usual way for week beginning 17th August.  We have ordered sufficient numbers for the first week.

All children will eat their packed lunches in their classrooms.


The school is NOT able to accept any individual late deliveries of packed lunches to the school office. This also applies to late deliveries of school bags, PE kits or any other item.


Breaks and Lunch times have been changed to prevent overlap of children.  Different primary groups will each be allocated half of the playground.  Primary 1 will be allocated their own area.


After School Club and Breakfast Club

Full details of TASC will be uploaded to their web site this week.  TASC are aware of all the changes in school times.



We recognise that the sudden and unprecedented changes that have taken place since the end of March will have had an impact on our children and they may be feeling uncertain about the return to school.  I want to reassure you that staff fully appreciate the anxieties that children may have about the return, and we will welcome and support everyone to make the transition back to school a positive experience.


Breaks and Lunches

The COVID-19 Advisory Sub-Group on Education and Children’s Issues has published scientific advice on physical distancing in schools. The advice states:

“Subject to continued suppression of the virus, and to surveillance and mitigations being in place, the balance of the evidence suggests that no distancing should be required between children in primary schools.

Towerbank is however planning that classes will work separate from other classes within the school building.

Due to the size, staffing levels and nature of the Towerbank building and playground it is impossible to organise 21 separate breaks and lunches for every class at the school during a school day.

We have redesigned breaks and lunches to enable year groups to be in the playground at the same time mitigated by being outdoors and in separate areas. Primary One will be outside in the fenced area. At all other times two Primary groups will be each allocated half of the playground. The football/basketball area will be allocated to PE lessons as these have to take place outside.


Ventilation in classrooms

All classroom windows now open following the completion of the windows work.

Non-fire doors will be left open.


School Bags and equipment

Children can bring their school bag, packed lunch and school equipment to school. Their bags and coats will be stored where this can be done safely in their classroom at their desk and on their chair.

Children should not bring toys, games or balls to school from home.


Bikes and Scooters

Children can bring these to school as normal.


Face Masks

Face coverings should not be required for most children and young people (those clinically advised to wear a covering are an exception).

Where adults cannot keep 2m distance and are interacting face-to-face for a sustained period (about 15 minutes or more), face coverings should be worn. In other circumstances, adults in schools (including the school environment, such as at the school gate) should not need to wear face coverings as long as they can maintain 2m distancing. Some children and young people may need additional support/reassurance about the reasons for adults wearing face coverings.


Anyone (whether child, young person or adult) wishing to wear a face covering in school should be enabled to do so. Evidence suggests that face coverings do not provide significant protection for the wearer, rather they primarily reduce the risk of transmission and help suppress the virus. It is possible that more people may choose to wear a face covering in the school setting, particularly on the initial return to school. Should the prevalence of the virus in the population start rising, nationally or in parts of Scotland, schools may wish to encourage the wearing of face coverings, especially among adults as part of an enhanced system of approaches to reduce transmission.


The impact of wearing a face covering for learners with additional support needs including any level of hearing loss should be carefully considered, as communication for many of these learners including hearing impaired young people relies in part on being able to see someone’s face clearly. This is also important for children and young people who are acquiring English and who rely on visual cues to enable them to be included in learning. Individuals who may not be able to handle and wear face coverings as directed (e.g. young learners, or those with additional support needs or disabilities) should not wear them as it may inadvertently increase the risk of transmission.


What if my child has forgotten to bring their packed lunch to school?

The school will provide your child with a school lunch.


My child has medication that they may need during the day (e.g. inhaler). When can I hand in medication?

If you need to drop off medication please phone the school office on 0131 669 1551.

Staff will then arrange the form to be sent to you and a time when you can drop off any medication.

I would like to speak to my child’s teacher.

It will not be possible to speak informally to teachers at the beginning or end of the day currently. Please send an email to and mark it for the attention of your child’s teacher.


PE Kit and PE

We will issue information as soon as possible. We suggest that on days when children have PE lessons they come to school wearing suitable clothes for PE so they don’t have to change.


What should parents whose children are reluctant to go into school do? 

There will be lots of school staff available in P1 to assist in settling children.  We will do our very best to support families in a variety of ways depending on the child.  however we cannot allow parents or carers into classrooms currently.


What do I do if I am worried about my child doing full days in Primary 1?

We are replicating a nursery style day in P1 from the beginning.  If you have concerns contact school to discuss by phone.


What is the school’s procedure if there is a suspected covid 19 case?

We have detailed guidance on what to do if a person in school becomes ill.

The purpose of separating children into classes for the majority of the time is to assist with any potential contact tracing and to limit impact on the remainder of the school.


Outdoor learning

We will make all efforts to ensure some learning happens outdoors.  Playground space will be limited due to breaks, lunch and PE lessons.  Due to increased need for staff supervision of breaks and lunch there will be limited staff availability to support classes to go off site.  We are not able to accept parent or carer volunteers currently.


Will the children be kept to their class groups indoors?  

Subject to continued suppression of the virus, and to surveillance and mitigations being in place, the balance of the evidence suggests that no distancing should be required between children in primary schools.

Inside school classes will be separated from other classes.  There will be some small group work within school but this will be minimised to only essential work.

Children will attend Breakfast Club and After School Club in small consistent groups



All school bells will now be switched off.  There are too many potential times for bells to ring and this will be confusing and disruptive.  We are installing large digital clock displays in 2 windows facing the playground.

Playground equipment

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