Numeracy in P1 & P2

Overview of SEAL

At Towerbank Primary we use SEAL as our approach to teach Numeracy from P1- P4. This is what is used in all City of Edinburgh Council primary schools. This is taught in small groups where the focus is on talking about strategies and sharing with other pupils. The majority of SEAL learning is oral, with some written activities to support what pupils are learning.

SEAL = Stages of Early Arithmetical Learning

Progression needs to take into account the number range that a child can solve problems within and the sophistication of the strategies used. SEAL classifies the various strategies used by children into five stages:

  • Stage 1 – Emergent
  • Stage 2 – Perceptual
  • Stage 3 – Figurative
  • Stage 4 – Counting-on
  • Stage 5 – Facile

More information about the stages of SEAL and the skills within each stage: SEAL across stages

Glossary of terms

Please find attached SEAL Glossary for different terms that you may hear in relation to your child’s learning: SEAL Glossary

Please find Numeracy and Mathematics glossary from Education Scotland website page:  

Family learning

Family Maths Toolkit is full of ideas to help parents, families and children aged 13 and under enjoy everyday maths activities together. For more information please visit:

Primary 1 Numeracy Home Learning

P1 Numeracy Home Learning Letter

TB Home Learning Wall P1

Home learning websites

There are lots of websites and apps which can support numeracy at home. 

As a school we also have a subscription to Sumdog and all Primary One children have a password.  The nature of Sumdog means that children undergo many diagnostic questions so the game can be tailored to their specific needs, please don’t help them with these questions.  We feel this can be quite an onerous undertaking this early in Primary One so usually send the passwords out later in the year.  If you feel you would like to use Sumdog now please let us know and we can give you your child’s password.  Please also be assured this is entirely voluntary and your child is in no way expected to make use of it.    

If you have any queries about any aspect of numeracy home learning please speak to your child’s class teacher

Numeracy Workshop