P7 Gallery

June 2013

Primary 7b have been looking at examples of perspective art and then created their own.

P1060582 P1060583 P1060584 P1060585 P1060586  P1060587P1060588

May 2013

The P7’s had an amazing time at Benmore this year and have captured some of their memorable experiences in their artwork.

P1020647 Millie P7A

P1020650 Grace P7A

P1020653 Beth P7A

P1020656 Ruby P7A

P1020660Bryan P7A

P1020634 Harry P7C


P1020638 Shannon P7C

April 2013

Primary 7C

For our Religious and Moral Education we have been thinking about our community, in particular, both our Senior Citizens and what is important to us.

The leaflets are about charities and community groups for Senior Citizens in Portobello. The posters are about what is important to us in our local community.

rme1 rme2 rme3 rme4 rme5 rme6

Primary 7B

Jay made this T Rex with Emma who worked with him in his old school.


February 2013

Primary 7B

P7B have been writing stories in French about ‘Les Animaux’.

Qui est la? by Rachel and Molly


122La Coccinelle by Rose and Flossy

113126Je n’aime pas by Daniel and Robin

115118For our Scottish focus, Primary 7 studied Macbeth, the Highland Clearances and Robert Burns.

All Primary 7 pupils and guests enjoyed a magical Burns Supper on January 29th at St Philips Church. Thank you to Stewart Weaver for hosting this fabulous event and to all those who helped.

Here is some of our amazing artwork.




January 2013

Here are some Macbeth-themed comic strips from Ruby, Robyn and Harry




P1050591 P1050592 P1050593 P1050594 P1050595 P1050596

December 2012

P7 have been making Anderson Shelters as part of their World War 2 study. The results are fantastic!





Primary 7A

P1050250 P1050251 P1050252 P1050253November 2012

Primary 7B

P7B have been comparing Scottish landscapes to Africa and created these African landscapes using chalks.

Primary 7C

P7c are learning all about WWII. These beautiful paintings were inspired by  a visit to the Poppy Factory.

What Makes Me, Me

We made pictures and wrote poems about things that mattered to us.

We did an outline of our faces and then filled it with pictures of the things we like.

We love Leigh’s colourful ‘Stop Bullying’ poster.

Primary 7A

Eve P7A

Millie P7A

Olivia P7A

ctober 2012

Primary 7B

Primary 7B have been learning about a kind of Tanzanian art called ‘Tinga Tinga’.

This type of art was started by a man called Edward Said Tingatinga from the ‘makua’ tribe of Southern Tanzania. The art form was named after him.

It was traditionally painted on walls, leather or stones and reflected scenes of village or town life or stylised animals and birds.

We created our own versions of Ting Tinga using oil pastels.




Primary 7C

Zara, Scott and Declan in P7C have been visiting the building site and taking photos of the exciting progress the builders have been making with the new school extension.

Primary 7A

P7A have been reading an amazing class novel! However, the cover and title of the book have been hidden, so we designed a front cover and guessed the title. We also wrote our prediction of what will happen in the story.

Primary 7B

P7B have been identifying the similarities and difference between Scotland and Tanzania.

Primary 7C

September 2012

Primary 7B

What Makes Me, Me

We made pictures and wrote poems about things that mattered to us.

For the pictures we did an outline of our faces and put our names in it, then filled it with pictures of the things we like. We thought the best ones were ones with big, colourful, overlapping images.

For the poems we just wrote what came to mind, then it was just a case of arranging our ideas in a poem’s structure!!!

Primary 7A

P7a drew an abstract portrait of themselves showing all the things that are important to them.

Primary 7C

P7C have been learning about respect.