P6 Gallery

May 2013

P6B – As part of our rainforest topic, we have been learning about the different ways in which plants adapt to their habitat. We designed our own plant and described  how it has adapted. Beware, some plants can be dangerous!

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January 2013

P6 have been writing some poems that are about being inside but looking in…






P6 have been learning about Scotland and its inspiring landscapes and nature. We researched and produced leaflets on the animals, lochs, mountains and islands. We also produced beautiful watercolour calendars.

The leaflets are by Jorgey and Ella and the Calendar is by Craig:

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November 2012

Primary 6A and B

The outside of Solly and Charlie’s Victorian House…
and the insideThe outside of Millie, Flora and Grace’s Victorian House…and the inside…The outside of Ella and Robert’s Victorian house…and the inside…

October 2012

Primary 6B

We have been studying Keith Haring artwork. We created our own Haring style pieces with a positive message.

Primary 6A

We have been looking at the painting “Starry Night” by Vincent Van Gogh and making their own wonderful starry night paintings.

Starry Night by Lewis

Starry Night by Lauren

Primary 6B

Primary 6a and 6b have been learning about the solar system. In co-operative learning groups the children researched a planet and produced an information poster about it. The results were cosmic!

Primary 6A

Primary 6B