P4 Gallery

June 2013

Primary 4C

P1060604 P1060605 P1060606 P1060608 P1060609

Primary 4A

P4a have been learning about Tanzania. We created these African sunset pictures using chalk pastels. We used black paper to make the silhouettes.

P1060610 P1060612

During Outdoor learning Fortnight, P4a explored the wildlife garden and wrote these Senses poems about Spring. P1020722 P1020723P1020725P1020727

Primary 4b and 4c have been learning about African animals. We created silhouettes of giraffes, elephants and lions relaxing in the sunset.

Primary 4C

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Primary 4B


P1020773P1020775P1020774 P1020771May 2013

P4C made clay medallions inspired by Indian Rangoli patterns.

DSCF4692 DSCF4693 DSCF4697 DSCF4595 DSCF4596 DSCF4598 DSCF4599

P4 having been learning about Hinduism. We made Rangoli patterns.

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April 2013

p4c writing more P4C1 P4C2 P4C3 P4C4

January 2013

P4 have been learning about the Scottish Wars of Independence. Primary 4B P4B drew some wonderful pictures of William Wallace. P1000409 P1000410P1000411Primary 4c William Wallace and Robert the Bruce P4c are comparing clothes from today and 700 years ago. We decided to make dolls from the time of Robert the Bruce. We used natural materials that would have been used 700 years ago like wool, leather and animal fur. Below are dolls from Tilly, Connor and Chloe. P1050604 P1050606 P1050608 P4a This term P4 will be learning about Wallace and Bruce as part of our Scottish focus topic. We created characters for ourselves and turned our cooperative learning teams into ‘clans’. Do you like our clan posters? In the MacIntyre Clan are Sarah, Holly, Braden, Ben and Miah. In the Ross Clan are Shelby, Iona, Mya and Seamus. P1050598 P1050600P1050599 P1050601

December 2012

Primary 4b


by Robbie

Primary 4a

We have been learning about the artist Henri Matisse. We studied some of his work and chose a picture to recreate. We used Matisse’s techniques of cutting coloured paper to create pictures. P1050281 P1050282 P1050283

Primary 4C

We have been investigating the Human Body. We made chalk sketches of the skeleton. P1050237 P1050238 P1050239

November 2012

Primary 4A

Primary 4B P4B have created pictures inspired by Matisse using our hands. P4B have made death masks inspired by Tutankhamen’s.  We used paper mache and balloons.

October 2012

Primary 4A

P4A have been learning lots of different strategies for addition. We made posters showing some of the strategies we know.

September 2012

Primary 4 P4 have been learning about the Ancient Egyptians. We worked with a partner to research the Ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses. Then we made these factfiles. Primary 4C We have been studying Ancient Egypt. We decided we should find out about the Egyptian Gods and compare them to other Gods. We also investigated what symbols are. Lastly we wanted to be able to write in hieroglyphics. Can you work out what the pictures say?