P3 Gallery

June 2013

P3b have been learning how to write reports. We have written reports on Scottish Farming in the Summer and Indonesian Rice Farming. These are by Katie, Ria and Rachael

P1060572 P1060574 P1060575

May 2013

Primary 3a


P1060499 P1060498 P1060495 P1060494 P1060493 P1060492


P1060490 P1060489 P1060488 P1060487 P1060486


P1020029P1020039 P1020045P1020037P1020035P1020043

Primary 3B

Primary 3b have also been learning about Cezanne. Paul Cezanne lived from 1839 – 1906 and painted still life pictures. We created some of our own.

P1020069 P1020067

P1020071P1020073P1020075P1020077Primary 3C

We were inspired by Cezanne to paint these beautiful still life pictures.

P1020059 P1020061 P1020062 P1020064

April 2013

Primary 3c

science1 science2 science3 science4Primary 3a

P1060334 P1060336 P1060338 P1060340 P1060341 P1060345 P1060347 P1060350 P1060351 P1060353 P1060354

February 2013

P3C photos inspired by Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s Rose Motif.

P1050676 P1050675 P1050673

P3B – We’ve created landscapes as part of our Greyfriars Bobby topic

P1050680 P1050679 P1050678

January 2013

P3C have painted pictures of Greyfriars Bobby and Old Jock before they moved to Edinburgh.


P1000418P1000425December 2012

We have been getting ready for the Nativity. These banners have been made especially for one of the Songs.

P1050219 P1050220 P1050228

Isla and Ieuan


Max and Ayse

P1050234Isabella and Greta

November 2012

Primary 3B

We have been learning about the Green Cross Code as part of our Road Safety Project.

By Alice

By Nye

Primary 3B

Here are some great Pirate Treasure Chests from Sam, Rhona and Greta

Primary 3A

We made Pirate Portholes and wrote Pirate Poems.

P3A made their own fantastic road safety posters.

October 2012

Primary 3C

We painted sunset scenes with watercolours

We drew and labelled our pirates.

September 2012

Primary 3B

Primary 3B have been using their co-operative skills to make pictures as part of a ‘Mr Big’ topic.

This colourful collage was made by Neve, Joe, Christian and Katie C.

And this one by Isla, Reece, Charlie and Roisin.

Primary 3C