Nursery Gallery

June 2013




P1020787P1020789May 2013

We have been learning about symmetry and making sand pictures

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Look at our beautiful butterflies and crawly caterpillars.


P1020103P1020101P1020104We enjoyed mixing colours with our hands.



We are growing beans in the Nursery.



We have been making marble pictures.

This is Evie's picture.

This is Evie’s picture.

This is Louisa's picture.

This is Louisa’s picture.

This is Ada May's picture.

This is Ada May’s picture.

April 2013

nur6 nur5 nur4 nur3 nur2 nur1 cat2 cat1

March 2013

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January 2013

P1050617 P1050618 P1050619 P1050620


December 2012

P1050295 P1050296 P1050297 P1050298 P1050299 P1050300 P1050301 P1050302 P1050303 P1050304November 2012

The Nursery children have been busy writing their own shopping lists.

October 2012

Amara has been experimenting with long and short strips of paper to create a layered collage of her bed.

Norah used a whiteboard and pens to draw a map of the town. She pointed out the cafes her family like to visit.

Luke painted a dragon

Tilly has painted a rose

Alicia has drawn friendly monsters, Mummy, Daddy and baby monsters.

Hannah has used long strip to represent the beach and cut smaller pieces to represent the sea.

Gracie experimented with the bug stampers to make this print.

Lowri has used the letter stamps to print her name. She noticed that there was no dot on the letter I and used the letter O to make the dot.

Rose has looked closely at the pattern on a snail shell to make these drawings.