Science Curriculum Evening – Feb

What a fantastic evening at Towerbank! Here are some comments from parents that attended out Science Curriculum Evening:

“Lovely way to see what children are learning. Highlights: boats; magnets; and parachutes great atmosphere as well thank you.”

“Very friendly atmosphere; helpful assistants; good use of magnets and water.”

“Lovely atmosphere; children all very confident and informative.”

“Super explanation of gravity.”

“What a fabulously busy show –I really liked the microscopes and the solar system; the forces on the boats were fun too.”


Nursery – Sinking, Floating and Overflowing

Nursery Overflowing 1 Nursery Overflowing 2 Nursery Overflowing

P1 – Pushing and Pulling
P1 Push and Pull 1
P1 Push and Pull
P1 Push and Pull 2
P2 – Moon and StarsP2 Moon and Stars 2 P2 Moon and Stars P2 Moon and Stars 4 P2 Moon and Stars 3

P3 and their P7 Buddies – Magnetism
P7 and P3 Buddies Magnetism

P7 and P3 Buddies Magnetism 4

P7 and P3 Buddies Magnetism 3

P7 and P3 Buddies Magnetism 2

P7 and P3 Buddies Magnetism 1

P3 – Forces and Magnetism

P3 Magnetism

P3 Floating

P4 – Resistance and Friction
P4 Resistance and Friction 4

P4 Resistance and Friction 3

P4 Resistance and Friction 2

P4 Resistance and Friction 1

P4 Resistance and Friction

P5 – Resistance and Friction

P5 friction and resistance 1

P5 friction and resistance 8

P5 friction and resistance 7

P5 friction and resistance 6

P5 friction and resistance 5

P5 friction and resistance 4

P5 friction and resistance 3

P6 – Cells and Inheritance

P6 Inheritance 2

P6 Cells 1

P6 Inheritance

P6 Inheritance 1

P6 Cells

P6 Cells 2