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Tour of Msufini Primary School 2018


Towerbank Primary School has a link with Msufini Primary School in Tanzania. The link was established through the organisation Twende Pamoja. Mrs McGroarty and Ms Bicheno are visiting Msufini during the February break. Here is their blog.

Thursday 8th February

We are all packed and ready to go. The Towerbank boys and girls have been working hard writing letters and making cards for the children at Msufini Primary School.

Thank you to everyone who contributed. Thanks to the adults too!

Friday 9th February

The Tanzanian flag flies over Towerbank in preparation for the upcoming visit.

Saturday 10th February

After a long flight, we relaxed in the morning before setting off into Moshi to explore the town.

We met Innocent, who will be our translator for the week in school. We are so excited to meet him and learn more about Tanzania.

We loved the vibrant colours, sights and smells of the busy town.

Sunday 11th February

Today we went to a special assembly at St Ursula’s with the whole school. It was held outside as the weather is so warm. After that we got a tour of the grounds and discovered that they keep livestock and grow their own vegetables!

We are looking forward to our first day at Msufini tomorrow!

Monday 12th February

Today was our first day of teaching at Msufini. The children we full of smiles and excited to hear about Towerbank.

We introduced ourselves to each class and watched a Science lesson in Swahili about light energy.

Ms Bicheno was put to work straight away with a pile of marking!

Ms McGroarty is really enjoying taking photos of the school and the children is the warm sunshine.

Tuesday 13th February

Today we taught the children about Scotland! We told them about the weather, clothes, the flag and some Scottish traditions.

Wednesday 14th February

Msufini students (wanafunzi) love ceilidh dancing! They did really well learning the Gay Gordons and Military Two Step.

They enjoyed clapping to the beat of the music and noticed the sound of some of the instruments used in the songs. Some children did demonstrations for the others.

We have been learning a little Swahili!

1 – moja
2 – mbili
3 – tatu
4 – nne
5 – tano
6 – sita
7 – saba
8 – nane
9 – tisa
10 – kumi

We are still blown away every time we look at Mount Kilimanjaro. It is a stunning sight to wake up to!

The boys and girls at Msufini are so excited to be friends (marafiki) with Scottish children!

Thursday 15th February

The pupils loved seeing the work children in Scotland had done. Towerbank children have been working on two stories. The Honey Bird’s Revenge and The Blind Man Catches the Bird.

Standard 5 (P5) enjoyed the Honey Bird story and did some group work all about it. The were impressed by the art and drama we showed them from Scotland.

Standard 6 (P6) listened to the Blind Man Catches the Bird and talked about the story afterwards. They drew some birds and coloured them in. They loved using the coloured pencils as well as seeing the Towerbank cards and artwork.

We taught them some of the English words for the colours and they taught us some Swahili colours!

We visited Nursery and read them some stories sent over from our Nursery in Scotland!

Friday 16th February

We were sad to say goodbye to the students and teachers at Msufini today! We have had such an incredible time.

The students gave us eggs, mangoes and nuts as a gift which was such a lovely gesture! The teachers enjoyed some shortbread we gave them at morning break, although some said it was too sugary for them! We gave the school a framed picture of the whole school spelling out Towerbank on Portobello beach. They also loved the school calendar and the Scotland flag!

Ms Bicheno gave a speech in Swahili and the boys and girls were so impressed! We filmed the whole thing so we’re looking forward to showing people at home! We were given a beautiful scarf each which we will bring to school next week.

The teachers held a special celebration for us at lunchtime and we took lots of pictures.

We will miss Msufini.







Saturday 17th February

What an incredible day we have had. We got up at 5am and drove for 4 hours to get to a national park. The park was called Tarangire and it is where some people go for safari! (Safari means journey in Swahili)

Our guide, Arnold, told us all about the nomadic people who move through the land near Tarangire. They are called Massai people and they live a traditional way of life.

We entered the park and saw animals striaght away! We saw Grant’s gazelles, Massai giraffes, superb starlings, impala, buffalo, warthogs and many more! One of the incredible moments was having lunch with beautifully coloured birds and naughty monkeys! The colours, sights and sounds blew us away! Here are a few pictures to give you a taste of the experiences we had.